The Industry Network Launchpad

What is being offered?

This week The Industry Network team surprised the villagers with the news that they would be offering a launchpad as part of the ecosystem. TinVille Launchpad will launch low market cap projects which the team has vetted and believes could benefit the community. The team has already solidified 2 projects to be launched from the platform, the first of which will be announced later this week.

How it will work

There will be 4 tiers of differing allocations directly depending on how much TinV you hold. Each tier will have different perks. The tiers are as follows;

Diamond Tier- 7000 TinV

This tier is the premium tier; you will be eligible for a guaranteed allocation that is four times the gold tier size.

Gold Tier- 3000 TinV

You will receive a guaranteed allocation into IDO’s. The allocation will be larger than the platinum tier.

Platinum Tier- 1500 TinV

You will enter into a lottery draw; you will receive 4 tickets for being in this tier.

Silver Tier- 500 TinV

This is our entry-level tier; You have 1 ticket into the whitelist lottery alongside the platinum tier wallets.

There will be a secondary way to gain more tickets into the whitelist for the platinum and silver tier wallets. You will be able to send TinVs to an address specified before the IDO, which will ‘buy’ you another ticket.

The amount of TinVs will be dependent on the size of the allocation as allocation sizes will vary with different projects. You will be able to ‘purchase’ a maximum of 3 extra tickets if you are in the Platinum or Silver tiers. Any extra TinVs sent over the 3 ticket amount will be burned and not refunded.

The projects that are launched

The team will be vetting each project that approaches us and wishes to use the launchpad to assist in their launch. They will require an audit for their code and will need to prove they are legitimate and not looking to act maliciously.

The team prefers if the crew approaching them with an offer will enter into a zoom meeting so that the scouting team can question them. If a projects team is unwilling to dox themselves to The Industry Networks scouting team, they will need more proof and measures to ensure that their project will not act maliciously.

The Industry Network is an ecosystem aiming to be your one stop shop for your decentralised financial needs